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What are chandeliers? They are an ornamental light fixture designed to be mounted to either a wall or ceiling. They are often ornate and typically use incandescent light bulbs. Some modern designs use fluorescent lights, while even more modern ones use LED lights.

Modern Chandeliers

What are modern chandeliers? Everyone has an idea of what old fashioned ornate chandeliers look like. Modern varieties feature unexpected shapes and designs with unusual symmetry. They offer pizzazz in an attractive combination of vitality and glamour. The best way to explain is to see them, visit our modern chandelier section to view our extensive selection.

Chandelier Lights

Shopping for chandelier lighting in the UK? We feature lighting for sale to people in the United Kingdom. We are located in London and maintain a warehouse at 71-75 SHELTON STREET, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON, WC2H 9JQ, UK. We sell top brands of modern, contemporary, traditional and crystal chandeliers.

Contemporary Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers, also called contemporary, have a design that is less ornate and not quite as large as traditional styles. Older, more traditional styles stemmed from the fact that lighting after dark used to be an expensive proposition. Candles, used for lighting back then, needed space and a sturdy (heavy) frame to hang from for stability. While large, expensive chandeliers still have their place in lighting design, modern styles have tended to be smaller, less expensive and less typical shapes.

You can find rectangle, drum, flush chandeliers and other atypical styles that do not resemble older traditional lighting designs. Other examples include the popular pendant style, wedding cake or styles for kitchen and bathroom. Modern styles can bring a contemporary design to your living room or dining area.


We have a good selection of rectangle chandeliers that includes flush and hanging, contemporary and island-style as well as regular framed ceiling lights. If you think a rectangular shape will enhance the decor of your room, view our square and rectangle framed chandeliers.


Large chandeliers are considered as more traditional styled, and are much larger in size typically than modern and contemporary styles. There are several types, including those with a very long depth, as well as those with very wide girth. Crystal tends to be a popular style for larger lighting specimens. Shop for large lights online at Chandelier Shack today.

Chandeliers for Sale

If you are interested in chandeliers for sale in the UK, shop at our website! We deliver exclusively to the UK. We have the best selection from many manufacturers. Following are examples of the many styles and materials we have for sale.

  • Gold

    This color provides sophisticated and elegant and add regalness to any room. We have many different styles of gold, including traditional, modern and contemporary. Many are ivory white with bronze and gold mixed, and include flushed styles for bedroom, living room and dining room areas.

  • Glass

    Glass chandeliers are "clear", and also "transparent" chandeliers. They can be crystal, as glass and crystal share many of the same features. This material allows light to shimmer through them, providing unique ambience to your dining room or any other area.

  • Small

    Small rooms require small chandeliers. These are particularly useful if your ceiling has low clearance. We also call these "mini chandeliers", as they are relatively smaller to other sizes we offer.

  • Large

    If you have a high ceiling and want to add a large chandelier to your room's decor, we have many for you to select from. You will find that the larger they are, the more expensive they are typically, so a good way to view our largest chandeliers are to browse our £1000 to £2000, as well as the £2000 and above sections.

  • White

    White chandeliers are very contemporary and can easily brighten any room they are placed in. These are more contemporary styled, you will discover great modern design examples by browsing our white lighting fixture section.

  • LED

    LED lighting provides clear light and a fraction of the cost. If you have a large electric bill and looking to tame it, LED chandeliers are the way to go.

  • Cheap

    While we do feature those that are expensive, we also have a selection of low-cost lighting fixtures.

  • Bronze

    Bronze chandeliers are stately and provide a decor of brilliance to any room they occupy.

  • Crystal

    Crystal chandeliers provide ambience and light deflection that makes any room look the best it can be.