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March 01, 2016

Celebrate Eccentricity with Funky Pendant Lights or Chandeliers

Funky ChandelierChandeliers are used to signify fortune and rank. Throughout history, the use of crystal chandeliers were only limited to churches, museums, palaces, and homes of the nobility.

Today, while chandeliers still provide a certain class and sophistication, they're not any more exclusive to the rich man's home.

Chandeliers today come in all shapes and sizes, even eccentric funky chandeliers that are out of this world have become, well mainstream.

So why should you use one for your home? Here are 3 major reasons why a funky pendant light or chandelier might just be the perfect match for your space:

1. Funky Chandeliers Create Drama

First of all, these hanging light fittings are not wallflowers. They are placed in the middle of the ceiling for everyone to see. While regular chandeliers already add interest to any interior space, a funky piece can bring the drama to the very next level.

Imagine an abstract shape made in acrylic that looks more of an art piece rather than an object that provides ambient lighting. Or maybe an old drum set up-cycled into a cool and unpredictable chandelier for a musician's living room.

While funky pieces may not be for everyone, if you want a conversation piece that will bring drama to your space, then these odd and unusual light fittings are a definite perfect match.

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2. Environment-Friendly

The definition of funky is offbeat, unconventional, unusual, and borderline cool. When you use typical chandelier materials such as glass and chrome, the only way to achieve an unconventional aesthetic is through the hands of a highly skilled craftsman or artist. Coincidentally, these light fittings can also be among the most expensive.

Funky chandeliers that are easier on the wallet consist of the use of unconventional pieces that would've otherwise been junked or used for something else.

Take for example, stained glass bottle chandeliers that add a retro yet modern appeal to a room; or maybe old baskets turned upside down to create a rustic chandelier.

Funky pendant lights can be easy on the environment when recycled materials are used. It doesn't really take much for a chandelier to be defined as unconventional. The unexpected application of used materials add an artistic and environmental-friendly appeal that truly fits the Zeitgeist of today.

3. Both Decorative and Functional

Even if your space has a general minimal aesthetic, it can be transformed into an eccentric room or area with just one funky piece of lighting. You don't have to invest too much in bringing in special touches to a space since that one piece of lighting also creates a good degree of drama.

When you're decorating a room, an office, or your place of business, an artistic and unconventional chandelier serves both the lighting and decorative needs of your space, especially when you're dealing with tight spaces and areas.

You can forget a sculpture or the large painting, and you can reduce your other light fittings such as a table or floor lamp. A funky pendant light or chandelier truly does hit two birds with one stone.

The styles and details of chandeliers today are boundless. The more personal and individualised your interiors are, the more appreciated they are by your guests, audience, and of course, yourself. Being eccentric and unusual today are celebrated, and this should also include your choice of chandeliers for your home or business space.

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