February 06, 2016

The Different Roles of Commercial Chandeliers

Lighting is an essential factor in setting the general mood of any commercial space. Whether it be a hotel lobby, an office, or retail space, the proper lighting system can make or break the success of any space.

Commercial chandeliers are great options when it comes to giving life to any room. They offer a multitude of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics, but also provide you with proper illumination where you need it.

Commercial Chandeliers

Before you go ahead and purchase random commercial chandeliers, here are 4 types of lighting that will help you figure out what you need:

Four Types of Lighting
1. General or Ambient Lighting

The main light source of your commercial space, ambient lighting must be able to brighten up the entire area, making it comfortable for people to move around.

2. Task Lighting

Pendant lights are perfect for task lighting. These are the lights you need to emphasise a certain area, such as the dressing rooms, an accessory bar, the front desk, store or hotel entrance, and checkout areas. Task lighting allows you to focus on one area, especially those wherein you have to perform a certain task.

3. Decorative

Because chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, these light fittings can also serve as mere decorative pieces that add more value to your establishment.

4. Accent Lighting

While task lighting serves the purpose of having enough brightness to finish a certain task, accent lighting is needed to illuminate pieces of objects such as merchandise or a window display. Light often faces the object that it wants to illuminate, highlighting their features and demanding attention.

You can choose to have ambient lighting throughout your commercial space and slowly add some other lighting details such as accent lighting or task lighting later on. The more layers your lighting system has, the more interesting your space gets, which always attracts attention.

Why Use Commercial Chandeliers for Your Commercial Space
1. Saves Space

A commercial chandelier hangs from the ceiling, which means you'll have more floor space to place merchandise, furniture, or just about everything else. Compared to lamps and floor light fittings, chandeliers give you more space while also adding beauty and providing illumination to an area.

2. Adds Immediate Impact

While new floors or new wall paint are great ideas to add fresh new takes in your retail store or office, they require a considerable amount of time to actually execute. Adding a chandelier on the ceiling is a fast and easy way to add impact to any space. They create a focal point and bring the room to life without you having to try too hard to add more value to your business.

3. Come in a Wide Variety of Styles

Whatever theme your commercial space may have, rest assured that you will be able to find a chandelier that matches your overall interior style. From brass candle chandeliers, to elaborate crystal chandeliers, to the simple drop pendant chandeliers, you can definitely find one that suits your style and even your budget.

Chandeliers are not only limited to mansions and palaces - even your office can come to life with a simple piece hanging in the middle of the room and since they add value to any space, your brand will be much more revered when clients see that you actually put the time to make their shopping experience truly special with the right lighting system.

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