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December 28, 2015

The Sparkling Beauty and Origin of the Bohemian Chandelier

Bohemian ChandelierBohemian chandeliers are known for their undeniable sparkling beauty - crystal glass hand-cut to perfection and reflecting as much light as possible, these chandeliers are among the most luxurious of all chandeliers.

A sign of good taste, prestige, and high quality, they're absolutely perfect if you want to add that touch of elegance to any room or space, such as a beautiful hallway, an up-scale living room, or just about any room.

What are Bohemian Chandeliers?

Genuine Bohemian chandeliers are from the Czech Republic. These chandeliers use crystals mainly produced in the regions of Silesia and Bohemia, as well as other parts of this European country.

The crystals are hand-cut, engraved, painted, or blown to create pieces that form an intricate web of elegant sophistication.

The History

Discoveries of the earliest Bohemian crystals show proof that they were already being made as early as the 14th century. During the 16th and 17th centuries, Northern Bohemia was known worldwide as the centre for crystal glass production, but it wasn't until the 1700's that the first Bohemian chandeliers were created. In 1724, Josef Palme, a glass cutter, received a royal warrant for the production of chandeliers, and soon, they became the most famous style all throughout the world.

These beautiful chandeliers remained very popular throughout the 18th century. The exquisite hand-cut crystals being the most sought-after material for all crystal chandeliers. Bohemian chandeliers have remained the biggest influence in the development and style of chandeliers around the world today.

Favoured by the aristocracy, among the famous historical personalities who fancied the style were French King Louis XV, the Russian Czarina Elizabeth, and the Austrian empress Maria Theresa.

Today, authentic Bohemian crystal chandeliers can be found in Milan's La Scola, in the residence of King Ibn Saud in Riyadh, the Heritage Museum in St. Petersburg, and in Rome's Royal Opera in Versailles.

Where to Use a Bohemian Chandelier

These chandeliers were once regarded as prestigious as exquisite jewellery. Today, while authentic and pure Bohemian crystals still exist, more affordable options are being offered with the use of other materials such as cut glass, and other metals.

There are generally 2 sizes, which are considered small and large Bohemian crystal chandeliers.

Mini Sizes

These styles of small or mini chandeliers are so regal that even a tiny piece of chandelier is enough to add that needed touch of luxury to any ordinary space. A small or mini Bohemian chandelier is perfect for a small loft or studio room, over a dining table for two, above a foyer or porch, or a cosy living room.

Because the crystals are placed close together and compact, they provide a general luxurious feel that transforms any space.

Large Sizes

Grand spaces require grand chandeliers. Though these sizes are not exactly ideal for a tiny home, they're absolutely perfect for large homes with large open spaces, in the middle of a function hall, hanging over a Grand Ballroom, or at a beautiful luxury hotel lobby.

Large Bohemian Crystal Chandelier

Chandeliers made of Bohemian crystals bring grandeur and decadence to any interior space. Highly sought-after and extremely elegant, they're the best choice for anyone who wants to add that touch of luxury to any home or commercial space.

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