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December 18, 2015

5 Modern Chandelier Lights that Blend Form and Function

Chandeliers of today no longer serve the single purpose of providing lighting to a space or room. Modern chandelier lights have provided visual interest in any contemporary home, giving life to a rather ordinary space.

Most people think that modern chandeliers are limited to minimal designs that utilise industrial materials such as steel and other metals using linear aesthetics. While these types of chandeliers indeed fall under the "modern" category, the styles of today have transcended beyond function and into the realm of sculpture and art.

Contemporary Lighting Chandeliers

To give you a feel for this modern new age category, here we will write about 5 incredible modern chandelier lights that will truly capture your attention. Please note: We haven't posted the actual photographs to avoid any copyright infringement issues, so to view the actual photos just do a quick image search online and you will find them easy enough yourself.

1. Forms in Nature

This unusual chandelier creates an entirely new surrounding to any room. Creating a dense forest with shadows, this 3D printed sculpture was made by artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz, who partly took inspiration from German naturalist Ernst Haechel's artworks and of a dense forest thicket.

The result is a mosh pit of plastic branches and twigs that create magnificently alluring yet mysterious large branch shadows that will make you feel like you're in a quiet forest in the middle of the night. A true masterpiece that looks equally as enchanting during the day.

2. The SkyBang

The perfect example of a minimal and modern chandelier, the SkyBang was designed by RUX for the brand Stickbulb in 2014. Handmade in New York City using sustainable materials, this wooden chandelier with polished nickel and brass metal components was inspired by exploding fireworks and abstract trees.

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3. The Criss Cross LED Chandelier

This modern chandelier/sculpture is more of a decorative piece rather than a fully functional lighting fixture. Designed to hang below actual LED lights, cut steel rods reflect the lamps to create an interesting illumination. Other materials used include crushed glass and onyx, golden aluminium, and cut art glass.

Designed by Zac Ridgely for the Ridgely Studio Works in 2011, any ordinary dining or living room can be transformed into a sophisticated and modern space with this chandelier.

4. Antlers

From afar, this contemporary lighting chandelier looks like red corals hanging from a ceiling. When you look closer, though, you'll discover it's actually made of plastic antlers that was designed to mimic the image of branches.

Designed by Vladimir Usoltsev, this fitting provides both light and shade to the space beneath it, acting like a canopy to any ordinary area.

5. Ballroom Luminoso

Well, this isn't exactly the kind of large modern chandeliers that you'd want to put in your home, but an interesting take on modern chandeliers, nonetheless. San Antonio, Texas, USA artists Blessing Hancock and Joe O'Connell collected bike parts all over the country to create this one-of-a-kind art piece that casts shadows of sprockets and other parts when lighted.

Commissioned by the Public Art San Antonio Department of Culture and Creative Development, the duo's art installation of a modern chandelier explores the vast possibilities of where this humble home lighting fitting transcends beyond its main purpose - and that's to create an entirely new take on a simple space.

Modern chandeliers can be made of minimally designed metal, re-purposed materials, or even with the most innovative objects designers can get their hands on. If you own a modern home, the possibilities of contemporary lighting chandeliers are endless.

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