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December 08, 2015

3 Easy Steps to Hanging Stairwell Chandeliers

Hallway ChandelierStairwells are often overlooked when it comes to styling your home. They serve a single purpose of connecting the first story to the second story, and often lack some tender loving care from homeowners.

While you don't have to fill your stairwell wall or stairs with decorative details, you can add some touch of elegance and drama with a great-looking chandelier that hangs from just the right height.

Hanging a chandelier can be tricky, though, if you've never installed one before or if your home has never had a chandelier hanging over a staircase, then you might have to go through a lot of trial and error. Luckily for you, there are simple and basic tips and tricks to choosing and placing the perfect chandelier for your stairwell.

Tip #1: Match the Design of Your Chandelier with Your Interior Style

You might fall in love with an exquisite French style chandelier but does it really match your traditional UK style home? To prevent your stairwell chandelier from sticking out like a sore thumb, maybe opt for chandeliers UK made, that would complement the rest of your traditional UK styled home. If you have a French style interior, then that French style chandelier could be the perfect match.

Tip #2: Make Function a Priority Over Design

Looks matter, yes, but not at the cost of function. The purpose of hanging a chandelier over the stairs is to light the stairway obviously for safety reasons. Now, if the fitting you choose provides very little lighting that you can't see the foot of your stairs properly, then it's merely decorative and you'd need to add other lighting options.

Before you even begin to choose the design, always make sure you know what your needs are in terms of function.

Tip #3: The Basic Rules of Positioning

Now this is where it gets technical. Deciding on the most ideal height for your stairwell chandelier is the #1 priority on your list. Hang the fitting too high and it will look small, and hang it too low and it will look humongous. If you place it near the wall, you'll be creating shadows that cover some steps, or if you place it too close to the ceiling, then you're not providing enough lighting throughout the rest of the stairs.

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So here are some basic rules of positioning to get you started. Of course, you can modify the height depending on what really works but it's always a good idea to know some basic tips to save you time and energy.

Stairwell Chandelier

If you have a 2-story home, the chandelier should not be placed right below the 2nd story as the upper stairs won't be lighted. The chandelier must be placed a little higher, which is knee level to the upstairs landing.

If your staircase opens up to the hallway and your main door has a window right above it, the chandelier must be placed directly in front of this window, which means it can be seen from the outside of your home.

Typically, if you have an open concept stairwell, your hallway chandelier should be placed at least 7ft from the floor.

Stairwell chandeliers are perfect examples that adding a touch of elegance to your home is simple and easy. Use our best 3 tips above for that perfectly placed and perfectly matching chandelier for your stairwell.

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