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December 01, 2015

Would People Think You Were Crazy If You Hung A Chandelier In These 5 Places?

Some places in your home are not meant for chandeliers.

If you invited someone inside and they see you had a chandelier hanging in one of those places, they might think you'd gone a little crazy.

But the truth is, you should be able to hang a chandelier anywhere you need light. If you think they're great you'll feel better having more of them around.

Take a look at some of these places the majority of people wouldn't even consider when it was time to hang their next chandelier.

Inside Your Attic

There are chandeliers UK home owners install up in their attic, but it's usually if they've converted it into a living area. You can still put a chandelier inside a normal attic used for storing all your rubbish. You will need to see when you're up there and it will look good as the light bounces off all the beams, so why don't you try hanging one the next time you venture up there.

Chandelier in Attic

Underneath Your Stairs

How many times do you open the cupboard underneath the stairs to grab something? If you keep a lot of important things in there it might be somewhere you visit often, yet most people only have a bulb dangling from the ceiling and it usually doesn't even have a light shade. Do something out of the ordinary and put a mini chandelier in there so you'll be able to smile every time you switch it on.

In The Dark And Dingy Basement

The majority of UK homes don't have a basement, but some of them do and they're usually not looked after properly. Even though they are essentially an extra room inside a house, they're dark, dingy, and used to store junk. Maybe if those people with a basement started to hang a chandelier from the ceiling they would treat the room with a lot more respect.

Outside In The Shed

Why in the world would you stick a chandelier in your garden shed, especially when it's usually freezing cold and you don't spend any time in there? You might be asking yourself this if you're not a keen gardener, but if you do spend a lot of time in your garden shed why would you not want to make it as attractive as possible so you enjoy it more when you're inside?

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Sitting Above Your Car

The garage is one of the most important places inside your house. It is home to the second most expensive thing you own. Even if you don't drive a Ferrari, you can still hang a chandelier from the ceiling in your garage to make it look ten times better. You obviously can't use one that hangs too low because it isn't going to last very long unless you park your car outside in the street.

Don't Listen To The Naysayers

Everyone thinks they have to follow the status quo, but hopefully as an adult you don't feel like you need to please other people.

Hang your chandeliers anywhere you want, and choose the most extravagant ones if you want to be even more crazy.

Do you think you could come up with other areas of the home people wouldn't go anywhere near with a chandelier?

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