November 22, 2015

Don't Hang A Chandelier In These 5 Rooms Before You Read This

Chandeliers UKOnce you start hanging chandeliers in your home it can become addictive.

They look so good and you want every room to be great, but it's easy to go too far and put them in the wrong places. Once you get carried away it's difficult to stop, but there is a solution to the problem.

You only need to know why you shouldn't hang chandeliers in certain rooms.

We're going to take a look at the rooms in question today, so hopefully it will help you focus on hanging them in more appropriate rooms first where you'll benefit from them the most.

In Your Child's Bedroom

This definitely doesn't mean you should never hang a chandelier in your child's bedroom or nursery under any circumstances, but please don't do it if you have bunk beds because it's a safety risk. I'm not talking about how the kids could sit up and bang their head, because you would never hang a chandelier over the top bunk. It's more to do with the fact that your child might go through a stage where they think they're a ninja, and if the chandelier is close enough they might try to swing on it or something. Read our blog post on The Cutest Chandelier Ideas for Your Nursery

The Laundry Room

Unless you really enjoy doing laundry, it's most likely it's your least favourite room in the entire house. When it comes to chandeliers UK citizens can think they will brighten up any room, but it's not going to make doing your laundry any more interesting. Having a solid gold toilet would also be amazing, but it's not going to change anything about your bathroom. It would be a complete waste of money unless you had enough cash to just throw away and the same thing applies to putting an expensive chandelier in your laundry room.

Inside Your Closet

This is another area of your home where it's not completely necessary, unless you have one of those gigantic American style walk-in closets bigger than an average-sized bedroom. If you do your make-up and put your clothes on inside the closet it might be worth it because you'll see the chandelier more often, but if you just lean in to grab some clothes it's probably not worth it. There are plenty more rooms and areas you should consider before a closet as they won't be hidden away from sight.

Outside In The Garden

Some outdoor seating areas are not designed to accommodate chandeliers and if you attempt to defy nature you could end up with a disaster on your hands. If you don't have any overhead cover your chandelier is definitely going to get wet, but even if you do it's still crucial to make sure heavy driving rain can't come in and hit it. Sometimes the kinds you can use with candles instead of electricity work well outdoors and you can even hang them from trees in your garden, but we all know the UK weather is usually going to spoil your fun. Read our article 4 Golden Rules for Hanging Chandeliers Outdoors

In A Small Bathroom

Hanging a chandelier in a large bathroom with a bathtub is great, because you'll get to enjoy long soaks while staring up at the glittering lights and crystals above you. You could even hang one if you didn't have a bathtub as long as the room is big enough, but it's pointless buying a chandelier for a tiny bathroom with maybe only a shower. You won't be able to get a lot of enjoyment out of it, so stick to other areas of your home where chandeliers would make more sense.

There Are No Set Rules

Just because we've mentioned these particular rooms doesn't mean you can't ignore the advice, because there are no set rules when it comes to hanging chandeliers in your home.

You might want to avoid exposing your electric chandeliers to the rain, but apart from that you can do whatever you want.

Just keep in mind, if you do want to hang chandeliers in the aforementioned rooms there are definitely other places you should consider first due to the benefits you'll get hanging them there.