November 14, 2015

5 Interesting Chandelier Facts Sure To Blow Your Mind

There are some very interesting chandelier facts you don't have a clue about.

Do you think you could guess what they are? We're always interested in anything out of the ordinary, but I'm sure you already know what a few of them relate too.

Even though you might guess what they're about you still won't know the details, so we'll go over them now if you want your mind to be blown.

After you've finished reading about them you might appreciate your chandeliers a lot more.

165,000 LED Lights

There are some chandeliers UK homes will never see in their lifetime, and it's because they're bigger than you can ever imagine. The largest official chandelier in the world recorded by the Guinness book of records is called Reflective Flow which is situated in an office building in Qatar. There is an unbelievable 165,000 LED lights bright enough to light up a small football stadium on their own. It sounds like one of those structures where the cleaner has to start all over again once they get to the end because it's so large.

Chandeliers Out Date Electricity

There aren't too many things available today that out date electricity. Even though the living conditions for kings were probably worse than a modern person living in a run down council flat if you go back far enough, they still appreciated the sight of a beautiful chandelier when they wanted to brighten their castle up and they actually used candles in their chandeliers, so it must have been awkward lighting up and switching off all those candles every single day.

Candle Chandelier in UK church

Reserved For Rich People

You shouldn't really have a chandelier inside your home, or at least that is what they would have said in the past. We still tend to think they're luxury items that make any room look a hundred times better, but it might be because only the rich owned them if you go back a while. Luckily today they're becoming one of the coolest items home owners want to own, and they come in thousands of different shapes and sizes to fit any room or area they're placed in.

Crystal Wasn't The Original Plan

When you think of chandeliers today the first thing that pops into your head is crystals. Unless you know a little bit about them, it might be safe to assume you don't know any other style available. Would you be surprised to know crystals weren't on the earlier chandeliers, and they were mostly made from wood or cheap metal? The crystal chandeliers become such a phenomenon when they realised the light could end up being reflected around a large room.

Authentic Chandeliers Are Almost Gone

Never in a million years would you be able to buy an authentic chandelier from the Middle Ages, because there are almost none left in existence today. Even though you wouldn't be able to afford one, it's still a shame to know a small part of history has nearly been wiped out. They mustn't have taken us into consideration during the Reformation of the 1500s where they were burning down churches and other important buildings, so I hope we don't do something similar that will affect future generations.

They're Too Common Today

Chandeliers are far too common today, which isn't to say they're not still wonderful.

You should have as many of them in your home as possible because they'll make the place look great.

Unfortunately due to their popularity the future generations won't hold them in such high regard, so make the most of their luxury status while you still can.

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