October 27, 2015

5 Chandelier Dangers You Must Take Into Consideration To Stay Safe

5 Chandelier Dangers You Must Take Into Consideration To Stay SafeIt's very unlikely you'll run into problems with a chandelier, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

The reason it's good is obviously because you'll never get hurt and your home won't be destroyed, but it's a bad thing because people generally tend to forget there are still dangers involved.

Running into any of them can cause you a lot of heartache, so we're going to look at the biggest problems you might come up against in your attempt to avoid any trouble.

Be Wary Of Over-Lamping

As long as your chandeliers look great it's easy to pay less attention to the small things, but even the light bulbs you use could have a big impact on the safety of your entire family. Over-lamping is a word used to describe using light bulbs with too high a wattage rating for your light fitting. Normally a bulb might burn out if you exceed the wattage rating, but they'll still burn at a very intense heat which could cause a fire under certain circumstances so pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

Throwing Your Hands Around

When you visit a theme park and jump on a roller coaster, they tell you to keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times. If your hands are waving around they might hit something, so follow that same advice and think carefully about the height you hang a chandelier depending on the activities you'll perform in the area it will go. For example, if you hang one above a kitchen island where you'll be preparing food you don't want to smash into it while swinging a knife around as you chop your vegetables.

Extra Sharp Edges

Chandeliers come in a million different shapes nowadays, which is great because it means you have a much better chance of finding one to compliment any room. Unfortunately it also means some of the shapes they come in can be quite dangerous due to the sharp edges of the design. Walking into a glass chandelier might give you a little fright, especially if the glass smashes, you need to be a lot more careful as walking directly into one could easily take your eye out.

Stay Well Away From Water

Hanging a chandelier outside is a great idea, but it's dangerous if the rain is scattered or almost horizontal and you don't have much cover. The UK weather isn't exactly the greatest in the world, so you must be careful about how you set everything up. Hanging one over your bathtub is dangerous if it's too low, especially if you have a young child who enjoys standing up and splashing around. There are other places you need to keep your eye on, but as long as you take water into consideration when hanging chandeliers you'll be fine. Read our article with tips on hanging chandeliers in bathrooms here

Falling From The Ceiling

You've surely seen photos of a few massive chandeliers, so it's easy to appreciate how heavy they can be. Don't automatically assume your chandelier will never fall down once it's in place, because even something as simple as a few weak screws or bolts could cause a disaster somewhere down the line. In most cases it's a great idea to get a professional to hang your chandeliers, but if you decide to do it yourself you must take the weight into consideration to avoid any hiccups.

They're Not As Scary As You Think

Most of the dangers we've highlighted could easily apply to any light fitting and you shouldn't be scared or put off of hanging a chandelier inside your home.

They're not as scary as you think; as long as you follow the advice we've talked about today.

Luckily they are still one of the most attractive features you can use to make your home look great, so feel free to hang as many as you want and make sure you do it safely.

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