October 19, 2015

5 Reasons to Buy Bathroom Chandeliers

5 Reasons Why You Should Hang Your First Chandelier In Your BathroomYou have multiple rooms inside your home that would look great with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, but which room should you start with if you don't have any at the moment?

If everyone had to choose I'm sure they would pick different rooms, but today we're going to look at why the bathroom should be your number one choice.

Take a look at why it makes sense to hang a chandelier over your bathtub first, but even if you decide to go with another room I'm sure these benefits will ensure you eventually end up with one in your bathroom.

Your Bathroom Won't Look Like A Bathroom

Without going into too much detail, the bathroom isn't exactly the kind of place you enjoy spending a lot of time in, because of what goes on in there during most of your visits you usually want to get in and out as soon as possible. You won't suddenly want to start spending a lot of extra time in your bathroom because you hang a chandelier from the ceiling, but you'll feel more comfortable spending time in there because it will look better than normal even if there is a toilet in the corner of the room and it won't look like a bathroom.

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You'll Feel Like You're In A Fancy Hotel

When was the last time you stayed in a hotel with a bathroom worse than the one in your own home? Although you might not realize it, you always tend to feel good when you book a room in a hotel with a fancy bathroom. This is usually because it has things like deep sinks and stand-alone bathtubs, but better ones will also have a stunning chandelier. There is no reason why your bathroom should look any worse than one in a 5-star hotel and the quickest way to make your bathroom more similar is by hanging a chandelier from the ceiling.

Long Soaks In The Bathtub Will Be More Enjoyable

Chandeliers UK residents usually love don’t need to be fancy and the simple fact you have one hanging over your bathtub will make up for the terrible weather we have to suffer year after year. When it's cold outside you will want to spend a lot longer soaking in the tub, so it's a good idea to make sure your time spent submerged in the water is as enjoyable as possible. There is nothing quite like being covered in bubbles when you have a lovely chandelier above you to set the mood.

Everything Else Will Look Better

One of the last rooms we renovate is the bathroom, and it's usually because we would rather spend our money on improving the living room, kitchen, and bedroom first. This means everything in your bathroom isn't as attractive as it could be and some things might be really old, but hanging a chandelier is almost like cheating. Once you've hung one over your bathtub it will instantly make everything else look better, which is great considering a nice bathroom chandelier doesn't even need to be expensive.

The Chandelier Will Be More Noticeable

We hang bathroom chandeliers because they're a lot more noticeable than regular light fittings, but when you have one in a large room it's still easy for it to blend into the background, unless it's huge it will become a lot less noticeable over time as you get used to it, but this isn't the case when you hang a chandelier in the bathroom. They're usually much smaller than other rooms unless you live in a mansion, so your chandelier will always be noticeable every time you walk in.

It's The Perfect Place To Hang One

There are lots of different places around your home where a chandelier will look great, but if you're going to buy one you should consider putting one in your bathroom first.

There are only so many ways you can dramatically alter the look of your bathroom, whereas there are hundreds of ways to improve the look of other rooms.

That being said, you can hang as many of them around your home as possible once you realise how great they are.

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