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October 15, 2015

4 Golden Rules When Hanging Chandeliers In An Outdoor Seating Area

4 Golden Rules When Hanging Chandeliers In An Outdoor Seating AreaI know it's not great spending time in the garden when the weather is terrible, but lots of people now have their very own outdoor seating area where they can relax when it's not too cold.

To ensure their outdoor seating area is as beautiful as possible they turn to chandeliers for help, because the right one can make a huge difference no matter where it's hung.

There are still a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to hang one outside, so we'll take a look at them now to make sure you're ready to throw one up when the time comes.

Make Sure It's Attention-Grabbing

If you're going to hang chandeliers in your outdoor seating area you should make sure they're attention-grabbing. Why would you hang a chandelier outside instead of a normal light fitting if it wasn't going to stand out? You definitely don't need to buy the most extravagant one available, but when you're sitting outside at night you'll feel great looking up and seeing something beautiful above you. If you're going to hang more than one they should also be the same, because if they don't they'll draw attention for different reasons.

Clean It Regularly

Unfortunately you'll need to spend more time looking after a chandelier when it's outside for the simple fact it will be exposed to the elements, which won't be the case for the ones inside your house. I'm sure you won't hang them anywhere they'll end up drenched in rain, but they have a bigger chance of being affected by things like condensation, salty air and ice-cold air. Wipe moisture off them regularly so they don't rust and they'll last a lot longer. Metal is also the best choice when hanging one outside, so leave other materials for indoors.

Keep Your Chandelier Protected

Outdoor seating areas come in all different shapes and sizes, but they will all have a roof overhead. What they might not have is a slanted roof, and if your outdoor seating area falls into this category you'll need to attach a piece of wood to the end of it to make sure any chandeliers aren't completely visible from the lawn in your back garden. I only mention this because it's far too easy for kids to destroy chandeliers when they're running around the garden kicking a football or throwing stuff around.

It Must Have A Dimmer Switch

When you're sitting outside with friends as the sun starts to disappear you might want your chandelier to be as bright as possible, but things will soon change as the night progresses and the drinks start to flow. You'll want to enjoy the glow from the moon instead of the bright light coming from any chandeliers, and the only way to do that is by using a dimmer switch. There are a lot more ways it will come in handy, so I'm sure you'll appreciate why having your chandelier on full blast all the time won't work.

Follow The Golden Rules

There aren't too many differences between hanging one outside and hanging one in your house.

It's still wise to follow the golden rules we've mentioned today because you'll enjoy spending more time outdoors, plus there will be less chance of anything going wrong with your chandelier.

If you don't yet have an outdoor seating area you should remember to use a chandelier as your centrepiece when you build one.

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