October 05, 2015

5 Common Chandelier Hanging Mistakes People Should Be Aware Of

Do you think you know everything about hanging chandeliers?

Even if you know certain things, it's still possible you're making silly mistakes. I know this because people keep making the same ones over and over again, but you can learn from where they went wrong.

Take a look at these 5 common chandelier hanging mistakes and remember them, or you could even correct any you're guilty of.

Keep It Away From The Wall

A chandelier will look much better if you keep it away from your walls. It's meant to be a stand-alone feature that adds a touch of class to your room, but as soon as it starts creeping towards the wall it takes some of the magic away. This isn't always possible to get right if you don't have a large room, but you should try your best to do so and please bare in mind, this also includes keeping them away from large objects such as living room cabinets too.

Choose The Right Size

When most people choose a chandelier to go in a certain room they tend to err on the side of caution. In extreme cases this might mean you'll end up with something above your bed that would be better suited in a walk-in closet. There are no set rules when it comes to size, but bigger is usually better in the majority of cases. The only exception would be if a bigger chandelier would get in your way, for example, if everyone banged their head on it when walking into your home.

5 Common Chandelier Hanging Mistakes People Should Be Aware Of

Mix Up Your Styles

You've bought a modern chandelier with a fancy design, so does that automatically mean you need to hang it in an equally modern room? Common sense would say you shouldn't mix styles, but what kind of world would we be living in if we were afraid to mix them together? It would likely be a rather boring one, yet everyone is still too afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to chandeliers. You shouldn't be afraid to at least try mixing styles and you might hit on a combination you love.

Hang More Than One

Some of us will have large living rooms that desperately need to be lightened up, but they'll still only have one chandelier inside the room. If a single chandelier will work well inside a room half the size, it's obvious it won't work so well if it's hanging on its own in a giant room. Instead of having a solitary chandelier in the middle of your ceiling, you could try hanging one at each side of the room. Even if you have to use smaller chandeliers the overall impact will still be greater.

You Should Install Dimmer Switches

If you have any dimmer switches in your home at the moment you'll know how fantastic they are. When you can set the mood on certain occasions there isn't anywhere else you would rather be. Chandeliers are also great for altering your mood, so guess what would happen if you combined them with dimmer switches? They're still not being used as much as they should be, so if you currently have any chandeliers you might want to do something about it.

Learn From Their Mistakes

It's certainly easy to see why people have been making these mistakes, but thankfully it's just as easy to avoid them.

I'm sure you'd agree your home would look much better if you don't fall victim to them. Just remember you don't need to follow everything we've talked about because you'll get away with some under the right circumstances.

Keep them locked away in the back of your mind and you'll fair better when it's time to hang your next chandelier. Click here to view our huge range of chandeliers