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September 28, 2015

The Best Height To Hang Your Chandeliers In 5 Places Around Your Home

The Best Height To Hang Your Chandeliers In 5 Places Around Your HomeOne of the biggest decisions you've got to make after you've bought your chandelier is deciding how you're going to hang it.

If you hang it too low you could end up with an accident on your hands, but going too high will make it appear smaller and it will take some of its dazzling appeal away. You need to get it right so your chandelier lives up to its full potential.

There are obviously different things to consider depending on where you're going to hang the chandelier, so we'll look at a few key areas around your home and the heights you should aim for.

In Your Bedroom

When hanging a chandelier in your bedroom it's a good idea to make sure it's around 215cm (7ft) off the ground. This will ensure everyone can walk underneath it without banging their head. If you're hanging the chandelier directly over the top of your bed you can lower it slightly, but make sure it's not low enough to cause an accident when someone tries to sit up too fast. Even though it doesn't need to be very low it will look stunning when you're lying underneath it. Read more bedroom lighting tips here.

In Your Hallway

If you want to hang a chandelier in your hallway there is a good chance you want everyone to appreciate it when they visit your house. That means you don't want to hang it too high so it looks smaller, and it's maybe a good idea to hang it slightly higher than 215cm (7ft) off the ground because sooner or later you'll have to invite a tall individual into the house. If you're hanging one near your door you also need to remember people will swing their arms around when taking their jacket off.

Above The Dining Room Table

Now we can finally get a little lower, and this is one example of how a simple chandelier can look like a work of art. If you usually sit down at the dining room table for meals you can hang your chandelier as close to the table as possible if you follow a simple rule. You should always be able to see the person sitting opposite you. This will ensure you don't spend half the evening talking to light bulbs, but it will mean there is enough room to pass food around.

Above Your Bathtub

In an ideal world you would be able to hang your chandelier as close to the bathtub as possible. When you laid back to relax and opened your eyes you would feel even better staring at the reflections in the glass, but you have to be careful when you're hanging any electrical appliance close to water because disaster could strike if you splashed around. Even though it would be great if your chandelier was as close to the tub as possible, you should stay on the safe side and hang it closer to the ceiling.

Above Your Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands in combination with chandeliers are becoming more popular, and it's an easy way to turn an average kitchen into a thing of beauty. You'll be carrying out lots of work on your island counter-tops, so any chandelier must be low enough to brighten up your workspace. It's far too awkward trying to prepare food when there isn't enough light, but you also don't want it to get in the way so make sure it's sitting somewhere in between the island and the ceiling.

Try To Use Common Sense

When it comes to hanging chandeliers we could talk about the exact measurements you should use for every area inside your home, but everyone is going to have different needs for various reasons. We've covered some of the basic rules you should apply in the future, but when you're ready to hang your next chandelier try to use common sense and you'll be fine. Click here to see our huge range of chandeliers!