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September 14, 2015

7 Famous Chandeliers that will Blow your Mind

Chandeliers - you’ve seen them in dining rooms, hallways and even bedrooms, they seem to always have been in mansions and hotels and are making their way into modern apartments and condos. You love them for their elegance and sophistication. They add the luxurious touch to any home décor. Here are 7 world renowned chandeliers that have earned a spot on the “Chandelier Wall of Fame”.

  1. World's Largest Outdoor Chandelier 

Take a walk to Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio and you'll no doubt notice the 4,200 crystal and 20-foot (6m) tall chandelier. Built by General Electric, the chandelier consists of tens of thousands of LED lights and is permanently suspended 13.5m above the street using a special steel support system. The installation is illuminated by 70 GE LED Infusion Modules and has been specifically designed to handle Cleveland's harsh winters and excessive snow. 

Chandelier Playhouse Square Cleveland

  1. Most Expensive Chandelier at an Auction 

How much would you pay for a chandelier? People may find it difficult to understand why someone would spend hundreds of pounds on a light fitting, but there are those willing to spend much more than that. This title goes to the Givenchy Royal Hanover German silver eight-light chandelier by William Kent. At Christie's London July 7, 2011 sale, it earned a whopping £5.7 million. That translates to more than $9 million US dollars. The piece was designed in 1736 and at the time was only valued between £2.6 to £3.8 million ($4 million - $5.8 million). 

  1. Belgium's 6-tonne Venetian Crystal Chandelier

The Belgians love their chandeliers. They even coined the word "Kroonluchterzaal" to mean 'chandelier room'. There is a specific chandelier is found in Knokke Casino close to the Dutch border that is made of 22,000 pieces of Venetian crystal. It has 2700 lamps that create the light that is refracted by the crystals.

  1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Chandelier in Oman

Chandelier The Sultan Qaboos Grand MosqueIs weighs a whopping 8.5 tonnes. It has an 8m diameter and hangs down a 14m length. That's the size of a 3 bedroom detached house with twice the height. The mosque itself is 90 metres high, so this fitting doesn't look out of place. Its 1,200 dimmable halogen lamps triggered by more than 36 switching circuits. It even has the staircases and platforms required for maintenance. They are actually built right into the heart of the chandelier.

  1. World's Heaviest and Longest Chandelier

This is the "Reflective Flow" chandelier on the coast of the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar. By day, it's an exquisite sculpture and at night it's a colour changing LED lighting masterpiece. In fact, it uses 165,000 LED lights and is made is made from more than 2,300 hand-ground optical crystals. It took 2 years to complete and weighs 20 tonnes. That's like 2 buses or 13 cars.

  1. The 7 Chandeliers of the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque

The world’s third largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates hoses some of the largest chandeliers in the world. The biggest of the 7 has a 10m diameter and 15m height. The 7 chandeliers together cost AED 30 million, which translates to about £5.4 million.

  1. The Jai Vilas Palace Twin Chandeliers

The palace, designed during colonial times in India by a British colonel still stands today. It houses two chandeliers, each weighing 3.5 tonnes. 10 elephants were made to stamp on the roof just to test if it could support the weight of the chandeliers.

Now you know the 7 most famous chandeliers around the world. This just goes to show the sophistication that a chandelier can bring.