September 11, 2015

4 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Chandelier

4 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a ChandelierMost people don't think "Chandeliers" when it comes to their kitchens. After all, they are most used to seeing them in dining rooms and lounges, it's a fairly new concept and it's catching on. More and more designers are realising that a kitchen's elegance doesn’t end at the counter-top and there's more style to be had from the lighting.

  1. Create a focal point

The chandelier will bring symmetry to your kitchen. It will create a balance that will bring out the balance in style from the counter-tops and sinks, all the way to the doors. Immediately when you walk into the kitchen it will catch your eye and even out all sections of your kitchen.

  1. Bring sophistication into the kitchen 

Chandeliers are mainly loved because of their elegance. The kitchen is one part of the house that is full off hard and solid materials from the cutlery to the tiled surfaces. The chandelier softens this hard-like appearance and brings elegance and sophistication to the kitchen space. You can choose a chandelier that makes the décor seem more formal. However, you have to pick a chandelier that matches the kitchen. For instance, the dimensions should not clash, a huge chandelier in the middle of a small kitchen will only make it look smaller and cluttered. On the other hand, a small chandelier in a spacious kitchen will make the space appear hollow.

  1. Accentuate the theme of the kitchen

Have you ever looked at your kitchen cabinets and thought that it just looked like a bunch of stacked up drawers with no sense of appeal? You're not alone. Most home owners complain of how difficult it is to set out a theme in their kitchen. This is where chandeliers come in. You can install one that blends with your cabinets, back-splash and general space. You can choose from an array of glamorous fittings to give your kitchen the theme you desire from medieval ambience to modern day custom designs.

  1. Customise your lighting

Kitchen lighting should be well diffused and should remain bright and effective. Chandeliers cater to this basic functionality and add some tweaks, they give you flexibility when it comes to the lighting. Sometimes you want just enough light for the counter-tops or under-cabinets, other times you want to light up the entire kitchen. There are even times where you'll simply want to draw a person’s attention to the middle of the room. On some special occasions you’ll want dimmer lighting around the kitchen table. You can have your chandelier as the primary or secondary source of lighting. The latter gives you more room to work out your preferences. You can have a crystal chandelier for a luxurious touch and discrete spot lights for extra lighting as you prepare food for instance. Chandeliers give you this freedom when lighting your kitchen. 

When installing the chandelier, ensure that there aren't shadows obstructing regions where you go about your kitchen duties. You don't want any accidents occurring because of inadequate lighting. You'll need to see inside the pantries cabinets and drawers. Additionally, when the chandelier is being installed in the kitchen, ensure that all open spaces are free of glare. At Chandelier Shack we have a huge selection of chandeliers perfect for kitchens, see here