August 28, 2015

Add Value to Your Home with Exquisite Chandeliers

A chandelier enhances the ambience of a room exponentially. The fact is it makes just about any room look elegant and sophisticated provided you make the right choice. There's no point in spending a fortune on a chandelier if it sticks out like a sore thumb in your room. Of course, it is going to be viewed as the centrepiece of your room, but it's just as important that it complements the other elements in your room perfectly. You need to consider various aspects when selecting a chandelier for a particular space in your home. The size, how it lights up the space, and what kind of elements would arrange the décor of your space.

A great chandelier can be a conversation starter and earn you the admiration of your guests. Here's taking a look at what kind of chandeliers work for various spaces in your home.

The Dining Room

This is a space that requires a lot of lighting. A big dining area requires a large chandelier that spreads the light evenly across the room. The dining room needs to have a high ceiling so that it works as the centrepiece without looking as if it is crowding the room. A large chandelier with exquisite crystals and candles can provide a great dynamic to the room providing the right mix of high spirits and nostalgic thoughts. For the modern dining room, with less space, you can choose a model that is designed to hang down lower close to the table. Large crystals don’t work here, but a broader piece with clear glass holders can enhance the chic elegance quotient of a modern dining room.

Add Value to Your Home with Exquisite Chandeliers

The Bedroom

The bedroom can be the perfect place to showcase your artistic taste through your chandelier. Choose one that doesn’t necessarily cast a lot of bright light. You can get chandeliers that actually cast shadows in your room giving you that romantic and relaxing ambience that is so perfect for your bedroom.

The Hallway or Stairway

When you have a nice chandelier hanging over your stairway, it provides a focus point that gives your whole home a touch of grandness. You can opt for a bigger, more luxurious model in this area. You can plan ahead in the design phase of your home as to what kind of chandelier would work perfectly here. The mistake that most people make is that they add chandeliers as an afterthought, which makes for a whole lot of confusion. Set the space and add in elements that complement each other.

The Bathroom

This is generally a space where most people would not consider hanging a chandelier; however it is a fact that bathrooms require a great deal of lighting. You will be surprised at the choice of models available for the bathroom. A small, modern chandelier with tiny crystals can be placed so that you have a clear line of sight when you are soaking in your tub. It adds an element of indulgence and it never fails to make a great impression on your guests.

Whatever be your space, you will find a chandelier that can improve on its décor. All you need to do is take your time and visualize what you need before you set out to choose one.

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