August 24, 2015

Spruce Up Your Retail Space With a Chandelier

Spruce Up Your Retail Space With a Chandelier
The look and feel of a retail store's interior space are equally as important as the merchandise themselves. While the brand is what ultimately draws people to a specific boutique or shop, it's the actual retail space that entices customers to stay, browse through the stock, and eventually make a purchase.

In essence, a store's interiors are essential parts of branding or marketing that work together with the products, price, and customer service to make that important sale. While there are thousands of methods to carry out visual merchandising to any shop, one simple way to add value, elegance, and interest in any boutique or shop is a chandelier.

Just as chandeliers create sophistication to a foyer, dining room, or living area, chandeliers also provide the very same benefits to any store space.

Let's take a look at the different chandelier styles that will go with the specific retail space.

1. Crystal Chandeliers for Shops that Sell Luxury
Crystal chandeliers command attention - giving drama and elegance to any store space. These are especially ideal for spaces that sell jewellery, high end designer bags, high fashion clothing, and even businesses that provide luxurious living options such as a luxury yacht rental enterprise.

Greet clients with a crystal chandelier hanging above a seating area or right above the space that welcomes them.

2. Contemporary Chandeliers for Shops that Sell the Urban Lifestyle
Modern chandeliers typically come in industrial materials and design. They have a very contemporary and urban feel, making them perfect for stores that promote urban living such as street wear, men's suits and ties, high fashion clothing, electronic devices, and any shop space featuring minimal or dark colour schemes.

These chandeliers are often made in metal, chrome, or wrought iron, which gives them a masculine and urban energy.

3. Natural Chandeliers for Shops that Sell Sustainable and Natural Merchandise
If you're selling sustainable fashion, healthy food items, or beach essentials, natural chandeliers are perfect for that sunny and earthy feel. Natural chandeliers are made of natural materials such as wood, rope, capiz shells, and other materials. They give off a relaxed and casual aura, but still adding that focal point of interest that makes any shop space attractive.

Deer antlers are also a popular material for rustic chandeliers, as well as beautiful driftwood that give off that raw and natural atmosphere to any shop space.

4. Mini Chandeliers for Shops that Sell Small Items

If you sell jewellery, a mini chandelier hanging above a glass display draws the customer to that space. Placing a chandelier directly over merchandise highlights the items, which will attract the individual to check out the products.

Mini chandeliers are especially effective in putting focus and attention to merchandise, especially when a shop offers incredibly rare and expensive pieces.

Chandeliers may merely seem decorative when placed in a shop space, but there's a whole business strategy behind their use and placement. When choosing a chandelier for any shop or business space, the materials, style, and the placement should always be considered to evoke a sense of cohesion, but also to promote the general feeling of value and worth to any retail space.

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