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August 22, 2015

Bedroom Chandelier Lighting Tips

Bedroom Chandelier Lighting Tips

The elegance of chandeliers is no longer just reserved for formal spaces, dining rooms, and kitchens. You can now bring it into your bedroom, shed ambient light across that personal space, and enhance its design statement. You shouldn’t choose a chandelier based on appearance alone. There are various factors to consider before making the purchase- style, shading options, height, the light bulbs you’ll need and the ease of maintenance. Here's how to make your chandelier bring out the best in your bedroom.

    • Picking out the Chandelier Style

      You are spoilt for choice. This part largely depends on your personal preference. What statement do you want to make? What mood do you want to create? Is it the chandelier or the master bedroom? Are you looking to create a romantic setting? Is it for the kid’s bedroom? Do you want a chandelier that your child will love drifting off to sleep while looking at? There all types of materials, from glass, wood, metal, acrylic, crystal, brass and even porcelain. They also come in different designs such as metal candle stick and crystal cascade. Look for the chandelier that matches your taste and the décor in your bedroom. 

      • The Light Bulbs that go with the Chandelier

      How bright do you want your bedroom to shine? You don't want blinding light in the room where you sleep. If you want to adjust the brightness, you can install a dimmer switch. Coloured light bulbs can be used if you're looking for a specific ambience. For safety reasons, do not exceed the maximum wattage indicated on the chandelier.

      • Consider chandeliers that have shades

      This depends on your personal preference and how much light you require in your bedroom. There are types of chandeliers come with shades to cover the bulbs. Some cover the entire light fitting, while others have smaller shades for each bulb. The shade makes the bedroom light softer, and helps to create a relaxing atmosphere.

      • Where to position the Chandelier

      If you want to make a bold statement and effectively light the entire room, you should go with a middle-of-the-ceiling placement. That will evenly accentuate the glamour of the entire room. Alternatively, since the chandelier can add a touch of romance, why not hang it above the bed? However, you need to follow some basic height rules in order to avoid any inconveniences. 

      • How do you find the right height?

      You may be walking under your chandelier from time to time if it’s placed in the middle of the room. Hence, you should have enough head room to move under it safely. Typically, chandeliers are hung 215cm (7ft) above the floor. In case your ceiling is higher than 265cm (8ft. 6"), you should consider a 2-tier chandelier. 

      If you opted to hang the chandelier over your bed, you can go a little bit lower. But you'll have to test the ideal height. You don't want to risk bumping heads each time you get in and out of bed. You should also get to comfortably sit on your bed. You can get the height that works for you by kneeling on the bed, right under the light fitting. Ensure that the height is at least 15cm (6") above your head. You can also use your significant other as reference. 

      For those that have small desks or tables in the bedroom, the chandelier should work or the size of the table. Hanging it about 90cm (3ft) above the table will provide adequate illumination. For reading lights, you can have matching mini chandeliers over the nightstand's at both sides of the bed.

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      If you like rearranging your bedroom furniture from time to time, then you should go for a chandelier with adjustable height. You'll need height clearance to move around freely. 

      Remember to lightly dust the chandelier every 3 months and clean it thoroughly at least once a year. That way, it will sparkle all year round.

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