August 21, 2015

Tips on Shopping for Chandeliers UK

Tips on Shopping for Chandeliers UK
Your home should be a haven of peace, comfort and relaxation. Every home has it own central focal point. The one area that brings all attention to the finesse of the house. The particular area that seems to just bind the whole room together. Chandeliers are the jewels that add class to a room. As a matter of fact, every home should have a chandelier. However, what suits one family does not necessarily work for the other. The fact that you like your neighbour's doesn't mean that you should go for it. Assess your home then determine the type of chandelier to go for.

1. Theme of the House
Every home has its own theme and the choice of chandelier is totally dependent on the flow of the house. The choice of chandelier in a converted barn and a glamorous Georgian town house are totally different. Make sure that it compliments the house and the room.

2. Size of the Room

When shopping around for a chandelier, have the size of the room in mind. A small yet elegant crystal chandelier may be the best choice for a small and simple room. It will make the room appear larger and brighter. You do not want your collection to seem like it's competing against each other. It can be too overwhelming. Large chandeliers are a smart choice for big houses that have adequate space to accommodate the size of the chandelier without it being clustered. Such a chandelier may also make the space in the room appear well utilized.

3. Functionality
Some people put up chandeliers for their basic function of lighting while others use them for decoration. A house that is well lit may not necessarily need the chandelier for lighting but would for decoration. This is the case in big houses that have high ceilings and big windows. They normally showcase their chandeliers making them the main focal point for anyone that walks in through the door.

4. Style
It is important to embrace modernity and style when shopping for chandeliers. There is such a wide variety on the market. Do not just settle for the one in the local lighting shop near your home. Explore, window shop, check all of the online sellers and even ask a few friends for recommendations. That way, you're more likely to find exactly what your looking for.

5. Use of the Room

Different rooms in the house require different types of chandeliers. What might be a suitable choice for the living room might not be the right choice for the bedroom. The kitchen and hallway should have a well lit chandelier. The one for the living room doesn't have to be too bright. Chandeliers in the study room do not need to be too bright nor too dull as they could affect the functionality of the room. Themed chandeliers are a perfect choice for bedrooms especially kids bedrooms. This way, they serve both beauty and purpose.

Finding the perfect chandelier might not be easy but once you find 'the one' it will make you proud of your home. If you don't have time for shopping, you could hire a designer to do it for you. Remember, a chandelier is an accessory and do not be afraid of colour especially if your walls or furniture are plain.

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