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July 29, 2016

Can You Use Grand Chandeliers for Your Home?

The word chandelier is synonymous with grand light fittings that are opulent and extravagant. They evoke images of luxury, elegance, and drama. While grand chandeliers are a staple of historic houses, mansions, and 5-star hotel lobbies, they seem to be an impractical choice for homes.

Today, a grand chandelier may no longer be limited to magnificent architectural gems, but the availability of various materials, sizes, and types have made it possible for the average individual to pepper his or her home with light fittings that can rival pieces found in palaces.

Grand Chandeliers

If you want the same appeal of absolute glamour to your hallway, dining room or living room, then why not? There may be rules to home decoration but there's always an exception.

Before we go ahead and talk about using a grand chandelier for your home, here are 3 of the world's grandest chandeliers to give you an idea about how grand these light fittings can actually get.

3 of the World's Grandest Chandeliers
1. The World's Largest Outdoor Chandelier in Cleveland, Ohio

With 4,200 crystals and tens of thousands of LED lights, this 6 metre chandelier hangs 13.5 metres above the street and permanently suspended to create a popular Cleveland landmark.

2. The Reflective Flow Chandelier in Doha, Qatar

One of the wealthiest cities in the world, Doha, Qatar is home to the Reflective Flow chandelier: made of 165,000 LED lights, 2,300 crystals, and weighs a total of 20 tonnes.

3. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Chandelier in Oman

This magnificent chandelier equals the same size of a 3-bedroom detached house and twice the height. It weighs a total of 8.5 tonnes, has an 8-metre diameter, and features 1,200 dimmable halogen lights.

If you want to talk about grand chandeliers, then these three are some of the most exquisite in the world. For your home, on the other hand, a some crystals and a few lights are all you need to add that touch of opulence to any home space.

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How to Use a Grand Chandelier for Your Home

While these light fittings are mostly huge and commanding, you can absolutely place them in any room, as long as you pick the right size and the right style. Here are some tips to using large chandeliers for your home:

1. Pick the Right Size

A chandelier that's too big will make your room small; while a chandelier that's too small will only fade into the background. It must command attention but not be overbearing. Make sure it's the right size by actually measuring the room before you head out to buy your chandelier.

To determine the right size, you have to make sure that when you place it in the middle of the ceiling, it is at least 4 feet away from any wall and 48 inches from any furniture.

2. Opt for Dimmable Lights

Yes, grand chandeliers offer enough lighting to fill the room. However, there may be times when you want ambient lighting such as when the room is not being used but you still want the chandelier to light up.

To reduce the amount of light emitted, you can have a dimmer switch installed to your chandelier. It allows you to customise the amount of light you want to use, and can lessen the extravagance of your chandelier especially when it's time to sleep.

Grand chandeliers are no longer limited to grand hotel lobbies or mansions. You can use one in your own home as long as you pick the right size, the right style, and it doesn't overwhelm your space.

A dull room can look like it was fit for royalty with a grand chandelier - so choose wisely and enjoy the look of opulence without the hefty price tag.

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